Residential Solutions

Audio & Video

Audio and video distribution throughout all environments, managed in a practical and straightforward manner via a custom tablet/smartphone application.

Home Theater

Do you want to build your own home movie theater? Absolutely, it is conceivable! We can design your ideal home theater and give you with unique experiences.

Systems Integration

With the same interface, you can control lighting, audio and video systems, motorized blinds, air conditioning, pool pumps, irrigation, and much more, with remote access and voice commands from any location.

Motorized Shades and Blinds

Lutron motorized blinds are very quiet, elegant, and dependable, thanks to unique and unequaled technology.
There are wired and wireless (battery-powered) solutions available.

Lighting Control

At the press of a button, you may experience magnificent lights. Alisse is It's one of the many options we have available and a beautiful and adaptable complement to any interior design.
Perfectionism, quality, and rigorous attention to detail define the Alisse wall control. Each controller is a piece of art, machined from solid brass and hand polished.

CCTV and Access Control

Remotely monitor your home with security cameras and access control systems (biometrics, facial, password, and RFID card).

Smart thermostats

We can deal with the vast majority of thermostats on the market and incorporate them into your custom app. In this way, we can ensure that you will get the best features from them available for you and also save energy.

Smart Door Locks

Forget your dependency on the key to open the door. Even if you are not at home, give your guests temporary access.

Automate and design situations in which the door automatically locks.

Data Network and WiFi

We help you to build and restructure your network to allow for centralized and remote administration, resulting in increased security, scalability, and stability.

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